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ODSL10 Optical Disc Archive 10-Slot Library

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Product Description

The Optical Disc Archive ODS-L10 is a compact robotic library that contains slots for ten cartridges and two ODS-D55U or ODS-D77U drives. Suitable for various applications, it is specifically designed for those with small- to medium-scale production systems, where digital media assets are managed by several users. When combined with Sony’s File Manager Software, the library is ideal for network-attached storage. It provides up to 15 Terabytes, roughly 500 hours of 4:2:2 high definition, in a form factor that sits on a desktop or mounts in a standard 19-inch rack.You can organize the ten cartridges by project, by client or by the operator. The storage capacity is in effect unlimited. As cartridges fill up, you move them to shelves for easy management. High reliability is achieved with incredibly durable optical discs, and it is as easy to use as conventional external storage devices. Additionally, as it employs removable media and as you can archive rarely accessed data on shelves, you need not worry about exceeding storage capacity limits. With all these qualities, this mini robotic library makes shelf-based archive management easier and more efficient.

  • Start shared nearline archive and shelf management at a lower cost
  • Entry level 10 slot robotic library with network appliance software
  • Holds up to two (2) ODS-D55U drives for simultaneous archive and retrieve
  • Supports mixed variety of 50 year rated Optical Disc Archive cartridge media
  • Supplied File Manager utility enables easy archive and retrieve via Web GUI
  • Add metadata with Free Text search
  • Job priority management, job progress and task monitoring
  • Placeholder area for combining multiple folders/files for archiving
  • Capacity effectively unlimited with offline cartridge management
  • Desktop or 19″ rack mountable
  • Integration with an external system via REST-based web service API
  • Reliable. Gen 2 Optical Disc Archive media is rated with a 100 year shelf life
  • Robust. Optical Disc Archive cartridges are dust and water tolerant and are not affected by electromagnetic interference
  • Random Access. Get to your data faster, no shuttling or rewinding required
  • Fast. Gen2 Optical Disc Archive drives provide 1 GBps write speeds and 2 GBps read speeds
  • High Capacity. Gen2 Optical Disc Archive Worm media yields a 3.3TB capacity. Gen1 write-many media capacity is 1.2 TB
  • No Media Migration. Optical Disc Archive media will remain backward compatible so older generation media is fully accessible in newer generation drives
  • Desk Top Convenience. Stand-alone drives connect to Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with a simple USB3 connection. The connected drive is seen as a single large volume for fast and easy integration
  • Expandable Library. Grow from a 30 slot library up to 535 slots in a single tower. That’s up to 1.7 PB of storage
  • Flexible. Random access and extremely long shelf life mean that Optical Disc Archive can be used from near-line to cold storage application
  • Eco Friendly. Optical Disc Archive media does not require any special environmental storage conditions resulting in low energy consumption and low operational costs.