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ODSD77U Optical Disc Archive External USB 3.0 Drive

Product Description

Optical Disc Archive is a new generation high capacity storage system set to revolutionize video and data archiving. Sony developed the Optical Disc Archive system to help provide long-term digital data preservation and management of media assets in a way that is simple and affordable. At the core of the Optical Disc Archive system, is a cartridge housing 12 optical discs and a specialized drive unit, the ideal solution for large scale long term archiving. The drive is easy to setup and comes equipped with a USB cable. Simply download and install the ODS-D77U Microsoft® Windows® PC or Apple® Macintosh® system driver software on a compatible workstation or laptop, connect the USB3.0 interface cable and load the cartridge media. This enables users to drag and drop files directly to the cartridge just as if it was a conventional USB external drive. To help content creation professionals manage their metadata and improve workflow efficiency, Sony has developed the Optical Disc Archive Content Manager, which is a software application (license) bundled with each drive. The Content Manager application has a simple graphical user interface with three main functions: Browse, Search and Archive.

  • 50 Year Rated Media – Write Once (WORM) & Rewritable
  • Virtually Data Migration Free System
  • Up to 1.5TB Uncompressed Data in a Single Data Cartridge
  • Fast Random File Access with Dual Laser Performance
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Open Platform Architecture-Universal Disk Format (UDF)
  • Supplied with Optical Disc Archive “Content Manager” License
  • Backup Acquisition Media, Generate Metadata and Archive to Optical Disc Archive Cartridge Media for Future Browse and Retrieve
  • Robust. Optical Disc Archive cartridges are dust and water tolerant and are not affected by electromagnetic interference
  • Random Access. Get to your data faster, no shuttling or rewinding required
  • High Capacity. Gen1 write-many media capacity is 1.2 TB
  • No Media Migration. Optical Disc Archive media will remain backward compatible so older generation media is fully accessible in newer generation drives
  • Desk Top Convenience. Stand-alone drives connect to Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with a simple USB3 connection. The connected drive is seen as a single large volume for fast and easy integration
  • Expandable Library. Grow from a 30 slot library up to 535 slots in a single tower.
  • Flexible. Random access and extremely long shelf life mean that Optical Disc Archive can be used from near-line to cold storage application
  • Eco Friendly. Optical Disc Archive media does not require any special environmental storage conditions resulting in low energy consumption and low operational costs.