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ODSD280U Optical Disc Archive

Desk Top, Worm

Product Description

A stand-alone drive with very high transfer speeds of 1 Gbps write (verify on) and 2 Gbps read using ODC-3300R Generation 2 Cartridge. This library system support both Gen1 (based on blu ray) and Gen2 (based on Archival disc).

  • 100+ years estimated archive life for all data files
  • Deep archive for very long-term archiving requirements
  • Reliable and robust large-capacity media
  • Ideal for deep archive and near-online archive
  • Reliable. Gen 2 Optical Disc Archive media is rated with a 100 year shelf life
  • Robust. Optical Disc Archive cartridges are dust and water tolerant and are not affected by electromagnetic interference
  • Random Access. Get to your data faster, no shuttling or rewinding required
  • Fast. Gen2 Optical Disc Archive drives provide 1 GBps write speeds and 2 GBps read speeds
  • High Capacity. Gen2 Optical Disc Archive Worm media yields a 3.3TB capacity. Gen1 write-many media capacity is 1.2 TB
  • No Media Migration. Optical Disc Archive media will remain backward compatible so older generation media is fully accessible in newer generation drives
  • Desk Top Convenience. Stand-alone drives connect to Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems with a simple USB3 connection. The connected drive is seen as a single large volume for fast and easy integration
  • Expandable Library. Grow from a 30 slot library up to 535 slots in a single tower. That’s up to 1.7 PB of storage
  • Flexible. Random access and extremely long shelf life mean that Optical Disc Archive can be used from near-line to cold storage application
  • Eco Friendly. Optical Disc Archive media does not require any special environmental storage conditions resulting in low energy consumption and low operational costs.